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Traditional Caricatures

For events we can draw up to 30 faces per hour on sheets of 12x16 inch paper, The rate for our services is $200 per Hour for Both Artists.

We are available for Private Commissions as well just include a description of your needs in our Contact Sheet.

In either case let us know your Idea for an Event or personal artwork and we will work with you to create something special.

Contact us for more information.

Look down below for a look at a typical event!

$200/Hour Traditional


brochure for our big business

We deliver gloss prints of digital caricatures sizes range from 4x6 inches to 5x7 for printing live.

All done with our Lovely Ipads, this type of live caricature is $300 per Hour with either electricity provided and an option to cast the process onto monitors for crowds to watch and enjoy.

This is a preferred way of doing things due to the Monitors we employ to enlarge the canvas and allow crowds to watch.

Ipad, Printer, Monitor and an artist to complete the experience.

$300/Hour Digital

Digital Sketches

Online Portraits

If you have an event or celebration but not everyone can show up in the same place, well this is the solution. 

Live Remote Digital Caricature, more and more popular now due to work from home situations.

All that is needed is...

Internet Connection, in order to stream the artwork and see the individual models for the artist

- Zoom or Google Meet, really any platform like Zoom or Discord that can handle multiple people in a chat room.

-Webcams, one for the artist and a webcam on whomever is being drawn.

While the art is made we can also stream in music for the entire event.

Easy peasy, and at the end your artist will send out the necessary files in either JPEG or PNG format for printing and use in any promotional material.

You can expect at least 30/50 faces per hour depending on artist ability.

This service is prixed per hour as the rest, $275/ Hour


My latest projects

Digital Commissions

digital commission of some kind friends
our friends who run quickdraw caricatures
amazing people who deserved a nice doodle

Depending on your needs we can draw the whole family or friends including pets. Priing for each individual is $50 and that includes shipping as well as any theme to complete the artwork. $50/ Face

Fun Family Portrait of some dear people from our journey

Snapshot of some very kind customers

Pets of all Shapes and Sizes

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